I have over 30 years of experience in beauty (hair and other), as well as therapy, to guide me to best help you.

I have been teaching Yoga for many years and live my life by its code. It is a major part of my life and I want to share my love of it with you, helping you to be stronger, happier and less likely to be injured by life (physically and mentally).

Yoga also helps in realising your limitations, meaning you will learn to be kinder to yourself.

I have had issues with hormones over the years and have a good knowledge of the problems imbalances can cause in life whilst in a menstruating age group, as well as when perimenopause and menopause start. I believe reflexology and yoga can help to change the way your mind and body reacts to these things, helping you be happier. What better aim can any of us have in life?

I also have personal experience with cancer and want to help others move forward in their cancer journey (whether it is happening now or in the past). This can be as a part of a class, charity work or on a 1:1 basis. It is always your choice.

Please book an appointment and come and see what I have to offer, a personalised service where you have my full attention in an intimate, safe environment from an experienced therapist and teacher.