”Yoga should be for all, and I try to teach that in every lesson”

- Deborah Luton, Yoga Instructor

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Reflexology is a wonderful whole body treatment for many specific ailments or simply to relax. Enjoy!

Here at Holisun, I aim to be as inclusive and diverse with my students as I can, absolutely everyone is welcome and I promise to try to be as accessible as I can. I have accessible classes for older students and cancer survivors, find more information here. Covid safety information can be found here.


Immerse youself in our happy Hatha yoga class designed for everyone to enjoy: to strengthen your body while calming your mind.

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Treat yourself to a session in my dedicated therapy room located in Stoke Gifford, North Bristol. I offer a variety of luxury services such as: Beauty Treatments, Reflexology and Hairdressing!

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