Accessible Sessions

Cancer patients

My classes are suitable for anyone undergoing cancer treatment or survivors wanting a gentler class, with like minded fellow students who understand that your energy may be a challenge this week or that your emotions are hard to cope with, maybe a certain area of your body is uncomfortable and you cannot use that side or part of your body. You may not want to go to the floor at all, preferring to sit on a chair. Adjustments and variations are always available in my classes. We work it out together. Click here to learn about my personal cancer journey and how yoga helped me.

You are likely to make friends or feel there are people who understand what you are going through in the class, creating some support for you without judgement or expectation. A regular time to get out of the house can be wonderful in an unpredictable time of your life. I also offer weekly video lessons if you prefer to practise in your own home.

I have attended specialist training to educate me more to understand the challenges your mind and body may be facing, in order to help you enjoy a regular, supportive class that can aid your mind and body cope with what life is or may throw at you. I also have gone through cancer surgery myself and treatment, as an experienced yogi and yoga teacher, so I understand some of the limitations and concerns that you may be feeling. I have made a document available which shows some resources which you may find useful during this time of your life, you can download with the button below:


Older students

The classes above are suitable for you too. They are gentle and focused on the mind as well as the body, working more on subtle strength and flexibility. They are accessible to all whatever your ability or limitation.

I may use equipment like blocks, belts, walls, chairs, blankets and cushions (to name a few) to help make the class accessible and comfortable for all. Inclusivity being a priority of mine.

I am always available to ask questions and offer support if needed, please contact me on the email contact tab for more information and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thank you and Namaste - Debbie