I started as a masseur in 1997 training in Swedish and Aromatherapy at Brunel College, advancing to private courses at the Maitri foundation in Stroud on hands free, back, neck, shoulders (to name a few). I can do a more therapeutic therapy (like sports massage) for specific pain or a relaxing treatment to chill to.

It’s your time, so you decide what you want. I can provide any recipe to your needs. All treatments start with a free 15 consultation on first appointment, so we can be sure you will get what you want and need. There are some contraindications to some essential oils or techniques, so it is important that I get an idea of your medical history.


This is body massage with therapeutic essential oils. These oils absorb into the bloodstream and nasal limbic system, which can stimulate the body's natural healing. The oils are from natural sources such as fruits, flowers, barks and roots of plants. They can help with many disorders such as ones of the skin, respiratory, digestion, muscular, nervous, urinary to name a few.

This is a relaxing therapy, which is enjoyable to receive and can aid stress and sleep problems. It can also help boost the body's natural immune system to benefit a healthier life.

After the treatment -for about 12 hours.... leave time to relax, drink lots of water, eat light and avoid alcohol. Avoid saunas/ steam rooms/ baths/showers (as oils continue to work with your body).